Jeanie O'Reilly Northcutt

Listings Director


Jeanie is the gatekeeper for the largest open marketplace in the industry.


Another FP Transitions’ original, Jeanie has been on board since the very beginning. She has had a hand in, or has led, every one of FP Transitions closings for the past 20 years. That’s a lot of practices, a lot of clients, a lot of everything. Most of all, a lot of hours and nights and weekends, and a trail of spent cell phones to prove it—the life of a “closer."


Jeanie’s background is in legal services, but she found her true calling as a marriage counselor—helping each seller, year after year, seriously address retirement for the first time and make a final selection from the best out of 50 or more interested buyers and successors, all while helping buyers succeed and enjoy the explosive growth that comes with an acquisition. Though well versed in law, rules, regulations, and taxes (and the paperwork to support it all), it is the hand-holding function more than any other that describes the reasons for Jeanie’s success as the charter member of FP Transitions’ Transaction team. Jeanie understands the difference between activity and achievement. No one has more ‘Thank You’ notes in our company than Jeanie O’Reilly Northcutt.


An Oregon native, Jeanie served (and occasionally still subs) as Beaverton High School’s mascot even though her children have both graduated and have embarked on careers of their own. She is an active proponent for military and veteran causes as well as being an advocate for animal rescue. She and her husband have provided a home to a German Shepard, a Maine Coon cat, and two sugar gliders.