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Resources for Advisors Utilizing SEI Solutions

Embarking on a consulting journey with FP Transitions means gaining access to unmatched expertise and proprietary insights. Our research and benchmarking reports are built upon our experience guiding thousands of financial advisory firms along their growth journey.

Owner Resources


Understanding the Value of Your Business

Determining the value of your business is the fundamental step for any course of action, whether it involves selling (internally or externally), acquisitions, enhancing structures and systems, or building a strong team. This allows you to map out a path to realize your business vision.

Six Steps to Creating an Effective Continuity Plan

Six Steps to Creating an Effective Continuity Plan

The greatest risk to an independent advisory practice isn't the absence of a succession or exit strategy; rather, it's the absence of a plan to safeguard client interests and business value in the event of an owner's unexpected death or disability. Despite this, only a small number of practice owners have established a dependable continuity plan.

Identifying Key Successor Traits

Identifying Key Successor Traits

To identify optimal successors for your business, start by assessing your current team and watching for essential traits. Keep in mind that effective ownership teams frequently comprise multiple next-generation owners to capitalize on diverse strengths and ideas for business enhancement.

Structuring Ownership Compensation

Structuring Ownership Compensation

Compensation is a key component to a firm. With that, advisors and owners alike often encounter a multitude of questions concerning it. How to reward your employees, and yourself, is crutial to the success of the firm in question.

Equity Management Solutions®

EMS™ Brochure

EMS™ Brochure

To assist you in managing, safeguarding, and enhancing your practice to align with your specific goals, Equity Management Solutions® (EMS™) provides multiple tiers of resources tailored to support your unique business.

A Valuation for Every Scenario

A Valuation for
Every Scenario

Valuations vary widely. In today's market, owners, sellers, and buyers are inundated with crucial information to consider. While data provides the "what," a valuation also requires the "why."

Succession & Growth Consulting

Succession & Growth Consulting

Success often hinges on a keen grasp of your firm’s core strengths and areas for improved efficiencies. Succession could be the answer for effective growth. It becomes especially crucial for financial firms navigating the evolving landscape.

Continuity Strategies

Continuity Strategies

Advisory practices should create or augment their plans based on current needs and future goals. While all arrangements contribute to a smooth transition of leadership during unforeseen circumstances, some options are more advantageous than others.

M&A Process

M&A Guidance & Support

Our approach is to ensure fairness in the transaction, benefiting both the buyer and the seller. Does this mean we don't advocate for the seller? Not at all. We wholeheartedly advocate for our seller clients and also assist our buyer clients. We aim to facilitate the ideal deal by beginning with the best match possible.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a membership last?

Membership lasts 12 months from the sign-up date.

What project do I start with?

Start with a valuation, continuity planning, or coaching. New EMS™ members often begin with the Comprehensive Valuation Report because determining the value of their business is a crucial first step. We recommend reaching out to your EMS™ coach upon signing up to determine the best course of action.

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