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Travis Piotrowski

Travis Piotrowski

Director of Digital Programs & Business Intelligence

Through Travis’s honed expertise, FP Transitions unlocks technology’s potential in order to help our clients and their practices thrive in the digital age.

Throughout his entire career, Travis has had a singular focus: creating business value by reimagining how to mix people, process, and technology. In fact, he started down this path early at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, where he earned his degree in business and computer systems.Poised to capitalize on the opportunities presented by digital transformation, Travis led both Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture at Northwestern Mutual and built out new organizational capabilities across several disciplines there.


While Travis’s ability to leverage technology could be applied to several different areas, he likes to focus on financial industry. As Vice President of Client Service Transformation and Innovation at Northwestern Mutual, for example, he journey-mapped a completely new, analytics-driven customer experience.In other words, when technology and people intersect, Travis has the ability to vision cast —and then actually build —the right architecture to support client and employee experience and heighten the services delivered.


He also deeply understands the compliance and regulatory issues at play in the finance sector, and has passed his Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA®) Series 6 and 26.Here at FP Transitions, Travis helps us unlock technology’s potential to deliver the best client experience possible. Through his work, we can identify insights that help practices maximize their value.


With their two daughters in college, Travis and his wife split their time between Wisconsin and St. George, Utah, neatly evading the winter weather. That affords Travis the opportunity to enjoy his hobbies —hiking, biking, running, and swimming —year-round. When ill weather does catch him, you can find Travis digging into one of the handful of books he has going at any given time.