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Shelby blends an artist’s eye with a marketer’s mind to help our FPT marketing team thrive in the digital age.

Shelby loves the Willamette Valley, and we love having her here. Originally from South Lake Tahoe, Shelby is now settled in McMinnville with her husband and their two rambunctious dogs, Kit and Daisy.


She’s an artist at heart, which makes her a perfect fit for our resident graphic designer role. While she has expertise in ink, acrylic, wood burning, and colored pencil, you’ll primarily see Shelby’s work for FP Transitions in the digital realm. She honed her skills at the Art Institute of California, Sacramento, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in media arts and animation.


While she’s certainly a talented artist, Shelby also brings marketing experience to the table. She previously worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Finance of America Mortgage and managed marketing efforts for two branches in that role. In that position, she developed social media content that the corporate team used locally and nationwide.


As our graphic designer, Shelby blends her artistic prowess and marketing knowledge to create eye-catching, engaging visuals for a wide range of marketing projects, including our social media efforts. If you follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to see her work.  


Shelby says she joined FPT to be a part of a company that was both local and filled with motivated, hard-working people from whom she can learn. She’s found that the workplace culture supports her best work. “Working with a team that’s open to new ideas empowers designers to have creative freedom when making content,” she says. “It’s refreshing!” 


Shelby’s hobbies are as impressive as her artistic skill. She enjoys whitewater rafting, fly fishing, gardening, and archery — and still finds time to volunteer at a local winery’s events a few times a month. And she manages all of that even amidst taking Kit and Daisy to the park for a nightly game of frisbee.