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Kim Paulus

Kim Paulus


A lifelong Oregonian with a legacy of lasting work relationships, Kim supports the FPT legal team.

Kim has deep roots here in Oregon. Not only did she grow up here, but she also attended Portland Community College for general studies. In fact, her only stint outside the state was a year-long exchange student experience in Sweden. She’s still benefitting from that time today, as she is in the process of learning to speak Swedish. 


Like many Portlanders, Kim spent some time (four years, to be precise), working with NIKE. She was in their immigration department, helping to obtain the legal permits needed for employees to move from one country to another. 


Before and after her time with NIKE, she settled in as a legal assistant for a sole proprietor, a role she would hold for more than 15 years. Ultimately, though, as that attorney transitioned to retirement, Kim started looking for new opportunities. Fortunately, Rod Boutin, JD, our general counsel, had her ear.


“Rod sold me on FPT being a great place to work,” she explains. Now, in her role as our project coordinator, she plays a key role in supporting our legal team. She says, “In a nutshell, my role is helping the attorneys shine brighter than they already do!”


As part of our team, Kim says she enjoys both the camaraderie of the co-workers and the flexibility of the workday. When she’s not at work, Kim does a good job of blending relaxation and fun. You might find her glamping, kicking back with her nearly-21-year-old daughter, her spouse of 25 years, and their pets. They have three big dogs (“no appetizer dogs for us,” she says), a cat, and a fish called Mr. Wanda, although the last might not get the camping invite. 


Or you might find her chasing thrills, whether that’s hopping on a roller coaster or enjoying a spicy meal. Kim’s even willing to take a dip in the infamously cold water of Oregon beaches, arguing that you can enjoy the freezing water once you’re numb. 


And here’s a hot take. When the Angels come to play the Mariners, you might find Kim at the game — rooting for Los Angeles.