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In his role as a Valuation Analyst, Josh engages in the meticulous examination and interpretation of financial data, employing advanced data analysis techniques to derive meaningful conclusions.

A native of Oregon, Josh grew up in Tigard, Oregon, just 10 minutes away from our home office in Lake Oswego! Josh spent his childhood hiking in and exploring the Pacific Northwest and remained local to the state for his undergraduate degree as well. In 2018, he started at Oregon State University to study nuclear engineering. After a bit of soul searching, Josh transferred to Portland State University, where he achieved his Bachelor of Psychology in August 2023.


Prior to his role at FP Transitions, Josh started as a counselor in youth summer camp programs, and advanced to managing their camp services. Throughout the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Josh successfully ran the camp program with zero COVID outbreaks, even with 300+ kids running around each week over the summers.


As one of FP Transitions' Valuation Analyst, Josh undertakes the critical responsibility of analyzing and reviewing data to derive valuable insights for clients. Beyond numerical expertise, Josh excels in problem-solving, addressing client issues with a keen understanding of the intricacies of valuation processes. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in setting clear expectations for subsequent services, ensuring transparency and alignment with client needs. The actively involved nature of the role aligns well with Josh’s personality: “I love the forward-facing aspect of the position, where I get to build relationships with clients and coworkers alike. I also like when processes are streamlined and efficient, so analyzing data and numbers scratches that organizational itch.“


Josh’s long-term goals involve client wellbeing with a focus on how process development can improve the experience. FP Transitions felt like a company where Josh could pursue these goals with purpose and intention. From Josh’s first impression, and throughout his time at the company, FP Transitions has stood out from other companies through the nearly tangible feeling of positivity in the office.


Outside of the office, Josh enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including building plastic model sets of different sci-fi, fantasy, or video game characters. Josh is always reading something, whether that be a Japanese manga, or a heavier book series, and his current work-in-progress skill is digital art. In addition to these many interests, Josh enjoys playing D&D with his friends, and practicing yoga to focus on his well-being. And if you ever want to take Josh on in his outdoor interests, know that he has hiked Devil’s Peak here in Oregon, and he’s even built a forest cabin from the ground up!