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Jon Nehring

Jon Nehring

Valuation Coordinator

Jon is part of the Valuations department, serving as the Valuations Coordinator. In this role, he acts as a project manager, ensuring smooth communication between the valuations team and other departments to provide efficient service to clients.

Jon's professional background is diverse, including work in HR for the Air Force, various security roles, and HR/Admin positions at different companies. Before joining FP Transitions, he was an Accounts Payable Manager. His interest in business investment and organizational development led him to FP Transitions, where he saw an opportunity to learn how to value and increase said value of businesses, alongside a supportive and inspiring team culture. Jon is enthusiastic about learning and growing with his colleagues at FP Transitions, anticipating the development of many productive friendships.


Jon is a dedicated family man, spending much of his free time with his wife and two kids, Molly and Angelo. Their activities include riding bikes, playing sports, video games, and engaging in friendly roughhousing. When he has a moment to himself, Jon enjoys reading about psychology, investing, and business. Originally from Michigan, Jon's journey to Oregon began when he met his wife in the Air Force. Her Oregon roots drew him to the state, and in 2015, they made the move.


Jon's life has been marked by significant personal and professional achievements. He is one of the first in his family to earn his high school diploma, a noteworthy accomplishment, and served six years in the Air Force. He continued his education to obtain an associate degree in business administration and is currently pursuing a degree in finance.


Jon's adventurous spirit is evident in his travels; he has visited every state except Alaska, flown a plane, and ventured to Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan during his military service. Today, he's actively learning Spanish for his travels to come.