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Jean-Christophe brings a wealth of CRM software development knowledge to our Business Intelligence team.

Jean-Christophe was born near Paris and met his wife in the City of Light. He also spent four years pursuing a pharmacy degree there. But about three decades ago, he pivoted. He and his wife relocated to Portland and he dove into a career that didn’t focus on pharmaceutical science.


For 25 years, Jean-Christophe worked for DAT Solutions (you may know them as DAT Freight & Analytics) in Beaverton as he put down roots in the Pacific Northwest. With that company, he specialized in customer relationship management (CRM) systems. His experience ranges from the Unix interface to the Siebel CRM applications from Oracle. 


To solidify his expertise even further, Jean-Christophe sought and secured his credential as a Salesforce Certified Administration (SCA) in 2019. (If you want to look him up, his credential ID is 20140831.) All told, he used his time at DAT to both deepen and broaden his CRM expertise. 


Recently, though, he decided he needed a change — and that led him to us. “FP Transitions seems like the right fit for my extended software development knowledge,” he explains. He joined our Business Intelligence department as our internal Salesforce expert. Today, he serves as both the administrator and developer for all FP Transitions functions as they pertain to this software. 


Jean-Christophe does more than keep the wheels turning. “I like the freedom of designing and implementing new solutions,” he says. 


When he’s not busy optimizing our CRM functionality to help us better serve our clients, you can often find Jean-Christophe spending time with his family on the Oregon coast. He and his wife have a daughter and four rescue animals: two dogs and two cats. 


He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing guitar, or taking in a show at any of the small music venues throughout Portland and the surrounding area.