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Solves the Rubik’s Cube in less than 60 seconds—blindfolded. 

Eric Leeper, CFA, is the CFO and Principal at FP Transitions where he oversees new product development, financial modeling, and benchmarking as well as many other analytical issues that financial professionals face today. Eric and his analytics team support the annual transition of over 20 billion in assets from current business owners and founders to next-generation advisors and have created groundbreaking strategies for internal ownership tracks and the formation of succession teams. Said more succinctly, Eric’s work creates more than 500 new, next-generation owners every year; he changes lives and businesses. 


For fun, Eric hikes into the wilds of Oregon—up the sides of mountains, down the Columbia River Gorge, around raging rivers, and over snow-covered, fallen trees in the dead of winter. He goes to places most people will never see, even in a book. A planned and safe trek into the unknown—just as he does for our clients! 


Prior to joining FP Transitions, Eric was an equity analyst for Pacific Crest Securities, a Portland-based investment bank which specializes in technology equities. At Pacific Crest, Eric developed financial models and forecasts in a wide range of industries. Eric holds a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Oregon and is a CFA® charterholder. Eric is considered a next-generation leader at FP Transitions.

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