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As a Senior Consultant on the Enterprise Consulting team at FP Transitions, Andrew excels in connecting client issues with powerful solutions, collaborating with the FP team to unlock meaningful value, and assisting advisors in achieving their goals.

Andrew’s background blends entrepreneurship with large company settings, with a through line of helping independent advisors run more successful, sustainable, and fulfilling businesses. After co-founding an advisor-focused outsourcing and consulting company, he has spent the bulk of his professional life as a business management consultant for advisors and their teams.


With a professional history including VP and Director roles at Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and Schwab, featuring extensive hands-on collaboration with hundreds of firms, he has deep experience addressing the intersection of people and systems that make the difference at advisory firms of all sizes.


Andrew joined FP Transitions based on his admiration for how the company's brilliant professionals collaborate across disciplines to deliver uniquely end-to-end solutions.


His background includes a BA in psychology, an MBA in Global Executive Leadership, and an MS in industrial/organizational psychology. His foreground consists of his wife, daughter, and two small dogs. He can frequently be found en route to tennis lessons and tournaments, getting an early start on driving lessons, and begging his dogs to delay barking until after the current Zoom call.