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The Building Blocks of Sustainability

Sustainability is Built - Brick by Brick

Scott Leak, CFP®, CEPA® - Director of Business Development & Senior Consultant
Eric Godes - SVP, Senior Consultant
Siena Halpin - Senior Analyst

Join us for our latest roundtable, "The Building Blocks of Sustainability," where we dive deep into the essential components of building a sustainable advisory business.

You'll hear from our esteemed colleagues, Eric Godes, SVP and Senior Consultant, and Siena Halpin, Senior Analyst, who will share their extensive insights and expertise.

Join our subject matter experts as they dive into these key discussion points:

  • The necessity of sustainability for individual businesses and the industry
  • Benefits of sustainability for various stakeholders: business owners, employees, and clients
  • The relationship between sustainability and business value
  • Strategies for creating a path to partnership with sustainability in mind
  • Five fundamental building blocks of sustainability

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