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A Focus on Reputation and Client Trust for Acquisition Success

Posted by Jessica Villagrana on Sep 27, 2017 1:16:22 PM


Whole Foods has been a bastion of the organic movement since its founding in 1980. Urbanites flocked to pay top dollar for picture-perfect produce, wines curated by professional wine stewards, and abundant organic, non-GMO options to suit any number of nutritional requirements. However, competition eventually flooded the market. Enter Amazon. The online retail giant acquired Whole Foods in a $13.7B deal that left consumers eager to see price reductions, but concerned that the brand that they have come to trust would suffer for the sake of supply chain efficiency.

As a brand, Whole Foods became synonymous with healthy living, quality, and friendly customer service. How the acquisition will impact brand reputation and consumer trust is yet to be seen. Indeed, this is a concern of every entity when considering a merger or acquisition.  In the financial services arena, a strong reputation and client trust is hard won over many years of dedication and commitment to a fine-tuned value proposition.  Large or small, the success of a merger or acquisition depends on protecting the relationship capital of the business.

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Navigating Uncertainty in Turbulent Times  [NEW RESOURCE]

Posted by Jessica Villagrana on Jan 10, 2017 10:31:48 AM

Turbulent Seas

Rough Seas

In the heyday of maritime exploration, traveling the world’s oceans promised adventure and immense risk. Turbulent seas and unfavorable weather endangered crews, threatened ships, and spoiled the best-laid plans. Seasoned captains applied skill and experience to determine whether to proceed with caution or seek haven; decisions that couldbring adverse consequences or reap rich reward. 

As the captain of your business, you’ve undoubtedly surveyed the course ahead and evaluated the inherent risks and rewards. Are you prepared to weather these seas? Or is it time to pull into safe harbor? 

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