An Owner's Guide to Succession Planning

June 29th 10am PST/ 1pm EST

David Grau Sr., JD President and Founder at FP Transitions

Building an enduring and transferable business provides owners with more options, greater value, strong and sustainable growth, and a powerful talent retention strategy. Advisors acknowledge that succession planning is a key component of any valuable business, but many struggle to find the time, support, or opportunity to fully embrace their optimal succession planning strategy. In this session, industry pioneer David Grau, Sr. guides owners through the key moments in building out your own unique succession plan. Honoring this highly personal journey, David weaves contextual stories that highlight the plethora of emotions and challenges that owners face in creating their own, unique plan. Having worked with 20,000 clients since 1999, David Sr. and the FP Transitions team of analysts, lawyers and consultants artfully marry the realities of succession planning with key tactics for success.

Owners will gain valuable insights, including:

  • How and when to start the planning process
  • Where to initially focus your time and energy
  • What really matters in the long-run
  • How you'll increase firm value along the way

Articulating and embracing your vision for your firm's future takes time. If there's one message owners take away from this experience, it's that you must start discussing and planning for succession 10 years or more before you plan to depart from the business. The more time you dedicate to planning and executing, the better your chances of growing and fortifying your firm's value, as well as delivering quality care and stability for your clients for generations to come.

Join us on June 29th to delve deeper into this important topic and to discover what you need to do to prepare and protect your business–and your clients. A lively Q&A will follow the presentation. 

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Duration: 1hr, including Q&A