Comprehensive Valuation

As an independent advisor, your business is one of your largest personal assets. Understanding what your business is worth, and what drives that value, are essential factors in making effective, efficient business decisions.

Valuing your business is an important step to managing equity. While some advisors obtain a valuation to determine their selling price, the Comprehensive Valuation is used for many other purposes including value benchmarking, continuity and succession planning, and practice acquisition.

FP Transitions has completed more than 7,000 valuations of independent financial services businesses since 1999. Using the industry’s largest comparable sales database of financial service businesses, FP Transitions delivers neutral, accurate, fact-based opinion of value, based on the industry’s largest and oldest marketplace for independent advisors. Using three major valuation indexes of Cash Flow Quality, Transition Risk, and Marketplace Demand, FP Transitions can determine the fair market value of your business.

The Comprehensive Valuation contains detailed information to help you understand the key value drivers in financial services businesses within the context of actual deal terms.


Your Practice, Your Most Valuable Asset

What's Included

Comprehensive Valuation
$ 1195.00