Leadership That Understands Your Business

As part of the planning process, FP Transitions provides expert guidance in areas that include:

    • Practice valuation, benchmarking, and equity management.
    • Development and design of customized plans centered on sustainable enterprises.
    • Restructuring ownership-level compensation structures to support internal ownership tracks.
    • Setting up equity-centric ensemble organizational structures.
    • Creating or modifying entity structures to work for multiple generations of owners.
    • Cash flow modeling a variety of continuity and Success in Succession Planning™ solutions.

This kind of work takes a talented group of people who aren’t afraid to pioneer the concepts needed to help you succeed, and to evolve time-honored approaches to meet the demands of a new century of rules, regulations, and taxes. In addition to working directly with individual financial advisors, FP Transitions also works directly with broker-dealers, custodians, and insurance providers to develop and implement business transition systems and procedures for field use. This coordinated approach helps us evolve solutions that are practical and meet the needs of all the stakeholders. 2018 marked our 20th year in business.


Expertise Across Multiple Disciplines

FP Transitions, based in the community of Lake Oswego, Oregon, just south of Portland, has a team of over 50 people who specialize in building financial services businesses of enduring and transferable value. And if the building process isn’t for you, we created, and continue to operate, the largest open market for buying and selling financial practices. Either way, we can help you manage the equity you’ve built over a lifetime of work in this industry. Our goal is to help you plan for your future and to make sure you're ready when it gets here.  


FP Transitions specializes in the valuation and analysis of the intangibles that make financial services practices unique and valuable, and performing over 15,000 independent business valuations is just the start. Our consultants guide owners and advisors in the planning of their careers' end, and turn it into a positive event. We employ strategies that build upon a lifetime of work and trusted client relationships, and execute a plan for succession designed to simultaneously realize value for the founder and perpetuate the business for the next generation of advisors.



We’re always interested in hearing from passionate professionals who want to join our team. For more information about job opportunities at our firm, please visit our Careers Page.