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A Valuation for Every Scenario

Not all valuations are alike. Today, owners, sellers and buyers have a multitude of important information to sift through. From recurring revenue to profit margins, to growth and retention rates, our team masterfully sorts the relevant datapoints to expertly distill a clear assessment of value. As we all know, data is the ‘what’ – but a valuation also needs the ‘why.’

Industry rules of thumb, commonly expressed as pricing multiples, are misleading without context. The assumption of a one-size-fits-all solution is wildly outdated. After supporting more than 15,000 valuations over the past twenty years, our experts know exactly which questions matter, and they can give you direct comparisons to a perfectly matched cohort. We will explain how value is truly measured in an informed, scientifically repeatable process.  When it comes to valuing your life’s work, our team of analysts and experts takes an unmatched approach to getting it right.  

Value Your Business

Our team takes a bespoke approach to uncovering your valuation intent - which truly matters when talking about the value of your business. There are many resources for advisors ranging from turnkey, low-cost and on up through concierge support and collecting hundreds of data points. What we encourage advisors to consider is the "why" behind their valuation. Whether you are seeking a current market value for M&A, internal succession, or other key business objective - there is absolutely a "right" approach for you. 


Time is a scarce resource for most advisors, and that's why getting it right the first time is critical.

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A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Grab a copy of the charts and graphs featured in our webinar, A Valuation for Every Scenario. This handout supports the content covered in the webinar and allows a closer look at our methodology, and comparison examples of multiples, forecasting, discounting and discounted cash flow.

Understanding the Value of Your Business

Understanding the Value of Your Business

To cultivate growth and increase the value of your business, you need to have a starting point—a place to grow from. Determining the value of your practice today helps inform the best key performance indicators for future success. This white paper will help steer your energy for maximum impact.


Destabilizing Value with Revenue Sharing

Many firms have transitioned away from revenue-sharing compensation arrangements because they weaken business value and durability. When assessing ways to improve upon the value of your independent advisory business, this may be a great starting point.

An Unsolicited Offer to Buy – Is It Time to Sell?

An Unsolicited Offer to Buy – Is It Time to Sell?

While flattering, upon deeper examination, many of the unsolicited offers our clients receive prove to be less-enticing than they initially appear. Here's what you should consider, and ways to begin preparing your firm for the right opportunity. We encourage this work because it produces better outcomes, and for most advisors with this foundational knowledge, the right offer is easily recognized. "You'll know it when you see it."

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