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Hassan, a native Oregonian with a rich tapestry of experiences, brings a unique blend of cultural insights and professional achievements to his role as a paralegal in FP Transitions legal department.

Before joining FP Transitions, Hassan held positions at the Polk County Circuit Court, where he served as both a Court Operations Specialist and Jury Coordinator. This experience equipped him with a deep understanding of the legal system, making him a valuable addition to FP Transitions’ legal team.


Hassan's decision to join FP Transitions was driven by his desire to be part of a fun and collaborative legal team. In his role as a paralegal, he anticipates delving into the corporate side of law and establishing direct connections with clients, expanding his expertise, and contributing to the success of the legal department.


Hassan is an alumnus of Portland State University, where he pursued a dual major in Philosophy and Political Science. While in college, Hassan wrote two theses in Philosophy, graduating with highest honors, and was awarded both the Newhall and Eklund Scholarships for his work.


Beyond his professional and academic pursuits, Hassan's vibrant personality shines through in his diverse interests. Whether showcasing his talent for different accents and impressions, beatboxing, or even penning a sitcom pilot, Hassan brings creativity and passion to every facet of his life.


One of Hassan's notable accomplishments is his volunteer work as a paralegal in Cape Town, South Africa, where he dedicated his time to assisting refugees and asylum seekers. This experience not only showcased his commitment to social justice but also exposed him to diverse perspectives and challenges in the legal field.


Despite being born and raised in Oregon, Hassan is a true adventurer. In fact, he spent much of his childhood visiting his family in Egypt. From exploring the ancient ruins of Giza and the Acropolis, to bungy jumping off Bloukrans bridge and summiting South Sister in Bend, Hassan has seen it all, immersing himself in different cultures and landscapes.

In his leisure time, Hassan finds solace in the simple joys of reading and long walks, cherishing moments of introspection and relaxation. His passion for literature and the outdoors serves as a counterbalance to his dynamic professional life.