Prioritizing Your Exit

The decision to sell your business doesn't often come about easily. Planning for the transition and getting your priorities in order are the keys to realizing an ideal exit that meets your vision for your retirement and for the future of the business you're passing on.

The Plan for Sellers Checklist is designed to help you get your ducks in a row and address the nuts and bolts of selling your business. It guides you through important preparation steps and considerations, including:

  • Identification and evaluation of your preferences and expectations of the sale.
  • Understanding the realities of the journey: your investment of time and resources, secured confidentiality, accurate valuation, proper documentation, and rigorous due diligence.
  • Avoidance of surprises during the buyer selection process.

As a complement to the checklist, the Plan for Sellers Workbook encourages you to consider the intangibles of your business and the selling journey itself. It examines emotional connections and looks ahead to what comes next – two things that can blindside advisors too late in the process. 

This guided workbook helps you to look at your business from many angles while being completely honest with yourself about the priorities and goals you have for the deal and the future of the business by asking questions like:

  • How are you going to spend all this newly available time?
  • How close are you personally to your clients and employees?
  • What philosophies and values have you instilled in your company culture?
  • How important is it that these things remain in tact?

Together the Plan for Sellers Checklist and Workbook create a solid foundation for the start of any financial advisor's selling journey.

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