plan for sellers workbook

Don't Forget Your Personal Priorities for Your Sale

The Plan for Sellers Workbook encourages you to look at your business from many angles while being completely honest with yourself about the priorities and goals you have for the deal, the future of the business, and your own life once the sale is complete.

Unlike its companion the Plan for Sellers Checklist, which helps you get your ducks in a row and address the nuts and bolts of selling a financial services business, the Plan for Sellers Workbook considers the intangibles and your personal expectations. It examines the emotional connections and looks ahead to what comes next – two things that often blindside advisors after they’ve already chosen their buyer and have become entrenched in the process. 

This guided workbook includes questions like:

  • How are you going to spend all this newly available time?
  • How close are you personally to your clients & employees?
  • What philosophies and values have you instilled in your company culture?
  • How important is it that these things remain in tact?

All in an effort to help you achieve a smooth, successful, and satisfactory transition from the start.

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