Mirror Effect: Knowing your value today will directly impact the success of your business tomorrow. 

To cultivate growth and increase the value of your business, you need to have a starting point—a place to grow from. You need to determine the most accurate value of your practice today so that you can identify improvements for the future.

You want your growth to be both profitable and sustainable. Whether you are developing your strategic growth plan, building your successor team, or engaging in M&A (as either buyer or seller), you need to know what your business is worth. An expert valuation assessment can inform your decision-making and pivot your focus towards the maximum reward. But how?

Our white paper, Understanding the Value of Your Business, explores our comprehensive valuation method by diving into:

    • The biggest drivers of your business value
    • How your purpose informs the valuation method
    • Key Performance Indicators to monitor your success
    • The relationship between value and price

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