Trends in Transactions and Valuation 

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Our new Trends in Transactions and Valuation Study includes expert insight, commentary, and predictions for the state of the financial services industry. The study dives into last year’s M&A numbers and examines how industry businesses and their values have evolved over the last five years.



This comprehensive, 50-page study features:

  • Detailed reporting on the state of the M&A market in 2018.
  • Expert analysis of our extensive database of valuation and transaction data in the context of today’s marketplace.
  • Coverage of how and why the financial services industry has changed over the last decade. 
  • Insider valuation methodology and processes.
  • Discussions of the comprehensive valuation process and its impact on successful growth strategies, financing qualifications, and acquisition.

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Our Trends in Transactions and Valuation Study is a complementary benefit of some Equity Management System® membership levels. 

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