Transforming your practice into a business

Building a Valuable and Lasting Enterprise

Independent financial practices are properly tasked with developing a sustainable business model to address the needs of their clients over their lifetimes–not the length of their advisor’s career. Such businesses absolutely require the union of the founding generation (G1) and the succeeding generations (G2/G3).

Instead of building one-generational, single-owner books, the focus is shifting as founding owners and next generation advisors learn to depend on each other for sustained success. More and more, the goal is to build strong, sustainable enterprises that help each generation contribute to the ongoing business and serve the next generation of clients. This ensures that each retiring generation of advisors realizes full value for the work they’ve done, and enables the succeeding generation to build on top of a twenty to thirty year old platform rather than starting from scratch.

In our white paper Transforming Your Practice into a Business, you'll learn about the foundational elements required to build an enduring and valuable business, including:

  • Entity design and set-up;
  • Compensation (re)structuring to support growth and profitability;
  • Equity pathways to recruit, retain, and reward next generation talent;
  • Continuity planning to protect what you've built;
  • And a variety of plans and strategies to realize value built.

Transforming a practice into a business is about building something more valuable, something that will last, something capable of serving your current clients and their children and grandchildren for years to come. 

Equally as important, it's about building something that will allow you to achieve your own goals, and to build legacy that will work for you, your family, and your key staff members.

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