Jeanie O'Reilly Northcutt

Listings Director

Jeanie is the gatekeeper for the largest open marketplace in the industry.

Another FP Transitions’ original, Jeanie has been on board since the very beginning. She’s had a hand or has led every closing for the past 18 years. That’s a lot of practices, a lot of clients, a lot of everything.  Most of all, a lot of hours and nights and weekends, and a trail of spent cell phones to prove it - the life of a “closer”. 

Jeanie’s background is in legal services, but she found her true calling as a marriage counselor – helping each seller, year after year, seriously address retirement for the first time and make a final selection from the best out of 50 or more interested buyers and successors. Though well versed in law, rules, regulations and taxes (and the paperwork to support it all), it is the hand-holding function more than any other that describes the reasons for Jeanie’s success as the charter member of FP Transitions’ Transaction Team. No one has more ‘Thank You’ notes in our Company than Jeanie O’Reilly Northcutt.

An Oregon native, Jeanie served (and occasionally still subs) as the local powerhouse Beaverton High School Beaver’s mascot on Friday nights under the lights and occasional drizzle – and no one brings more energy to the field. The same is true at FP Transitions. 

Jeanie O'Reilly Northcutt

James Fisher, JD

Senior Consultant

From flying seaplanes, shipwreck diving, riding a gondola in Hong Kong to see theTian Tan Buddha statue, or standing inside the pyramid of Khafre in Egypt, James is always ready for the next great adventure. 

James was a Financial Enforcement Officer for the State of Oregon’s Division of Finance and Corporate Securities (now the Division of Financial Regulations), where he was tasked with, among other things, enforcing Oregon’s statutes and administrative rules relating to securities and commodities. 

Prior to joining FP Transitions, James was as an attorney at a mid-sized law firm, primarily litigating cases involving airplane and helicopter crashes nationwide. After a chance seat assignment next to our President, David Grau Sr., on a flight from Minneapolis, James decided to trade in the courtroom for greater adventures of assisting FPT’s clients. As part of the Transactions Team, his experience navigating complex legal issues and as a securities regulator allows him to quickly understand and resolve any client concerns and challenges that may arise. 

James, who is a commercial pilot, flight instructor, certified scuba diver, amateur mechanic, and general tinkerer, loves talking airplanes, classic cars (including the 1966 Mustang he and his wife are rebuilding in their garage), and his life growing up in the Florida Keys.  When not up in the clouds, working on the Mustang, or dreaming of the island life, James enjoys exploring Oregon’s trails and beaches with his wife, daughter, and their German Shepherd/Golden Retriever shelter dog. In his spare time, James also teaches aviation law as an adjunct professor at two of Oregon’s three law schools and serves as legal counsel for a local aviation nonprofit.

James has a business degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a law degree from Willamette University.  He is a member of the Oregon State Bar.



Andrea Serafini

Listings Coordinator

For Andrea, every day is about learning and moving forward accompanied by plenty of laughter. She holds a steadfast belief that it’s important to be nice. “You can go far by being compassionate and recognizing the value that the individuals around you bring to the table.”

Andrea (Ahn-dray-ah) supports clients who are in the process of selling their life’s work to a handpicked buyer through a competitive open-market system. Always accompanied by her laptop, Andrea coordinates every detail of the fast-paced, detail-oriented transactions process. She functions as the communication conduit between buyers and sellers, as well as the entire supporting cast at FP Transitions from lawyers to analysts to appraisers to financing. Andrea touches every aspect of the process from start to finish and ensures that all the little things are taken care of.

Andrea is a connoisseur of food and drink – she is a scratch baker and has a Gold Medal to attest to her culinary skills in a statewide competition. She also has embarked on a never-ending search for the perfect Old Fashioned. Add to this her devotion to the New York Rangers hockey team and an accompanying level of feistiness and grit, and you have the perfect Listings Coordinator!

Andrea attended the University of Nebraska, majoring in English and minoring in psychology and is continuing her studies at Portland State University, adding a second major in forensic accounting.



Rebecca Duncan

Consulting Coordinator

Rebecca sees service as an adventure and strives to make the most out of every new experience.

Rebecca originally hails from a small town in Washington state. She has moved back and forth across the country, and briefly to China, until her roots in the Pacific Northwest beckoned her home. Married to her high school sweetheart, she has three kids and a geriatric beagle. Together they love to pursue outdoor adventures ranging from hiking to paddleboarding to skydiving.

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from Northwestern University, she previously copy edited for two newspapers and worked in Marketing at an international law firm.

For several years, Rebecca has devoted her time to various volunteering endeavors, as a crisis counselor, a Family Readiness Group coordinator with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, and as Run Club Coordinator at her children’s elementary school. She is accustomed to managing several projects at once and ensuring each one receives the attention it requires to be a success – a focus she brings to FP Transitions.

Rebecca’s job as a Consulting Coordinator is like an air traffic controller, facilitating smooth solutions for our clients. She maximizes our Legal team’s capabilities while ensuring clients’ needs are met in an effective and efficient manner.