Stephanie Davidson, JD



A legal professional with extensive M&A experience, Stephanie helps our clients find elegant solutions to even the most complex problems — and makes a mean potsticker, too. 


When Britain handed Hong Kong over to China, Stephanie and her family relocated to Portland. Because Stephanie spent the majority of her life here, she feels like a true Oregonian — and it shows. She chose to attend the University of Oregon School of Law for her JD degree instead of other attractive law schools in large part so she could watch Ducks games at Autzen Stadium. 


Prior to that, she completed her Bachelor of Arts at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, making her the first person in her family to earn an undergraduate degree. 


While she had her sights set on becoming either the President of the U.S. or a rock star as a child, her first job after college piqued her interest in a legal career. She analyzed pending legislation for Oregon’s state court system and discovered that she enjoyed tracking the legislative process. So she became an attorney. 


Now, with more than eight years of experience and a background in handling M&A transactions, Stephanie makes the move to our FP Transitions team. She was drawn by our approach to dealmaking and our robust suite of client services. As our staff attorney, she helps our clients effectively navigate succession planning and M&A transactions. 


Here, Stephanie says she enjoys working collaboratively with clients and other professionals to find elegant solutions to complex problems. And she likes getting to work with so many non-attorneys, too. 


When she’s not working, you might find Stephanie walking the neighborhood with her partner and baby, planning her next international vacation, or beating her friends at Settlers of Catan. She loves food, and recommends Din Tai Fung, Eem, Wailua Shave Ice, and Reverend’s BBQ to anyone visiting the Portland area. But if you truly want the best potstickers, you’ll need to head to Stephanie’s house, where she makes them herself.