Elise Rogers

VP Marketing


With FPT from our early days, Elise has helped shape not just a strong marketing department, but also the company’s path forward.


An experienced designer and strategist, Elise has a bachelor’s degree in Design Management from Art Institute of Portland. With 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, she played a critical role at FP Transitions during its early stages. As the VP of Marketing, Elise built the marketing department from the ground up, starting with a budget of zero. She developed FPT’s inbound marketing strategy and outbound advertising campaigns, which helped scale FPT from a small company to the nationally recognized and respected brand we are today. Elise’s dedication, expertise, and sense of humor are what makes her marketing team dynamic and driven towards a shared success.

Elise was also instrumental in expanding FPT’s domain beyond M&As to a broader service offering that includes continuity planning and succession management. To this day, she helps FP Transitions maintain a focus on empowering the independent advisor to build growth and long-term sustainability. When asked what she loves about her job, Elise says, “Everything.” She enjoys the opportunity to flex her creativity while activating FPT in a variety of marketing verticals, from video and social media to more traditional channels.

When she’s not helping the FPT brand thrive, you can find Elise raising her three boys and two rescue dogs, exploring the outdoors, traveling the world, or tackling her next remodel project.


Contact Elise:
800.934.3303  |  Email  |  @epricedesigns


Jess Flynn

Communications Director [Brand Strategy and Client Engagement] 


A true advocate for the next generation owner with a contagious passion for financial planning


Hailing from the Midwest, Jess moved to Denver in 2011; drawn by the 300 days of sunshine, she enjoys outdoor and cultural activities that the region serves up. Her education includes a Bachelor’s degree in sales & marketing and minor in psychology and Certificate of International Business, both from the University of Northern Iowa. 


Starting her career in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, Jess joined Wells Fargo Financial before landing at a marketing agency that allowed her to travel across the country. She was soon recruited by Ann Taylor to build, launch and run Colorado’s concept stores during their rebrand in 2011. She built the #10 store in the company in six months. During the process, she learned of a love for helping women live better lives, which translated into her personal mission and why she chose financial planning as the profession to advance.  


Jess went on to lead partnerships for the Financial Planning Association, engaging financial professionals through an affinity platform, leading the firm’s NexGen initiatives and was instrumental in launching the FPA Externship Program with eMoney and TD Ameritrade. Jess teamed with thought leaders across the industry to amplify the value of financial planning and challenge the way advice is delivered. Over the last ten years, Jess was instrumental in planning over 35 industry events, worked alongside hundreds financial services companies, and has become an influencer in the financial planning community.  


To sustain a profession, we need to focus on both founders and their next generation leaders. Let’s lean on financial strategies and data-driven guidance that embraces modern paths to succession and equity ownership. Let’s give students relevant skills and knowledge that will reaffirm their career choice and set their trajectory. And as we help today’s generation fortify what they’ve built, we also empower tomorrow’s owners to carry forward an enduring practice that will survive for generations to come.”


A big-time Hawkeyes fan, Jess might have been a crime junkie in another life, and would love to be a cold case detective (maybe in retirement one day). Once the kids are at school, she engages in a good HIIT workout and peaceful meditation. She loves astronomy, SUP (stand up paddleboard) on the lake, working on gardening, home improvement projects, playing video games with her husband, and caring for her 2 toddlers: Everly and Dax.  


Contact Jess:
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Alex Moan

Video Marketing Specialist


Winner of the FP Transitions Award for Best Mustache.
Alex joined FP Transitions in 2014 to support the marketing team’s goal of putting personality into financial analysis and succession planning. When your business’s backbone is crunching data, adding some life is no simple task! Alex prepared for the job by completing a degree in design management and further honed his skills by developing brand strategies for alternative businesses in the Portland area. Alex brings a creative edge to FP Transitions’ new video production efforts.
Before photography and filmmaking, Alex's past professional endeavors began to be derailed when he was suffocated by a boa constrictor on the job. He survived and prefers Canon cameras for the sensor's tonal qualities and workflow.
Unpredictable and untamable, some of his most entertaining material may be cut from the final product, but rest assured we keep the outtakes safe in the FP Transitions vault.


Contact Alex:
800.934.3303  |  Email  

Alex Moan

Miriam Pike

Marketing Analyst


A second-generation Oregon native and co-owner of a brewery.


Miriam is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University with a B.A. in history and classical studies. She channels her enthusiasm for history and textile arts into historical reenactment with the Society for Creative Anachronism, a group that focuses on recreating the middle ages. Miriam has traveled widely for her studies and even claims to have found a mummy in Peru. Prior to joining FP Transitions, Miriam worked as an analyst with the University of Oregon in their fundraising department, coordinating reporting, portfolio management and proposal tracking.


Miriam is excited to bring her analytical background to FP Transitions to streamline the current sales pipeline process and help implement systems to improve communication and service to customers.


Miriam has very recently gotten married!  As she and her new husband adjust to married life, they enjoy spending quality times with their two cats, Tomyris and Calligula. Interesting piece of trivia: Caligula means “Little Boots” in Latin.


Contact Miriam:

Miriam Pike

Doug Kenck-Crispin

Marketing Strategist


Originally from Spokane, Washington, Doug moved to Portland at the age of twelve. His mother and grandmother taught him how to cook at a young age, so after high school, he began working in restaurants and catering kitchens, eventually establishing himself as a kitchen manager in several legendary restaurants. While his professional interests have evolved, Doug has maintained his passion for food.


In 2000, he began a career in events sales and marketing at Portland State University, a pursuit that lasted for nearly twenty years. In this role, his focus was on securing and servicing national and international multi-day conferences of 300 to 750 attendees. While at the institution, Doug studied history, and he earned his bachelor's and master's degrees. As Doug was researching in his graduate program, he began a podcast about the history of Oregon, which expanded into other opportunities, including in-person tours, speaking engagements and historical consulting projects with clients such as Innovative Housing, TriMet, Felton Properties and the Oregon Historical Society. Doug also began freelance writing, with assignments from The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, Willamette Week and other publications. His experience in project management has kept him focused, productive and on time in his historical endeavors.


When not creating compelling content in beautiful Lake Oswego, Doug likes to spend time at his cabin on Hood Canal; foraging for seaweed, mushrooms, berries, and fishing oysters are some of his favorite outdoor activities. He likes cooking, traveling, listening to Blazer games on the radio and exploring the Portland culinary scene.