Kem Taylor, CBEC



After learning how to scuba dive in the chilly waters of Maine, Kem fell in love with the feeling of being weightless and the sense she’s in a different world while underwater. It shows with 113 recorded scuba dives in her log book.


As the daughter of an artist and a financial planner, Kem was exposed to both the world of art and finances. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in art history, she created audio tours for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City before making the move to an RIA firm. It was at this firm that Kem assisted an advisor with health issues set up a succession plan. When the advisor passed away, the firm retained 100% of its clients and staff. This experience sparked her passion for succession planning. 


Kem earned her Series 7, 24, and 66 securities licenses, and she became a Certified Business Exit Consultant™. She gained several years of experience with RIAs and managed teams at LPL Financial, including the transitions team who helped independent advisors set up their firms.


After hearing David Grau Sr. speak at a conference on succession planning, a switch flipped in her head and turned on the figurative light bulb. In a flash of inspiration, she realized she could help financial advisors plan for their future and turn her passion for succession planning into a career.


When an opportunity opened at FP Transitions, she felt her passion and skillset matched FP Transitions’ goals and values, making them a perfect fit for each other. As part of our Enterprise Consulting team, she guides clients through the on-going maintenance of their succession plans, as even the best plans can evolve over time.


When she isn’t working, Kem is volunteering. For several years, she worked with a non-profit organization focused on fostering diversity, inclusion, and civil discourse called Global Citizens Circle. She currently volunteers as a coordinator for The Center for Wealth and Legacy planning events each year. She also volunteers on the Mentorship Committee of the San Diego Chapter of the Financial Planning Association. 


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