John Woodruff

Marketing Assistant


John originally lived in Phoenix, but he came to Portland in 2011. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University, in Marketing and Advertising Management. A true polyglot, John attained C1 Certificate of proficiency in German language from the Goethe-Institute.

In his position as the Marketing Assistant, John is responsible for properly managing and maintaining data in support of the sales staff. Additionally, he is responsible for providing support to the marketing team. John joined FPT because he’s interested in applying his understanding of marketing and advertising to meaningful projects while gaining valuable knowledge, insights and experience from a team of devoted wealth advisory professionals. John appreciates the hands-on experience and acquired knowledge that he has gained from working with others inside the marketing team.

Previously, John worked as a digital marketing coordinator for a non-profit organization founded out of University of Southern California known as Frontida Records. In this position, he was responsible for developing official communications and content for a non-profit Electronic Health Record service, which provides open-source applications for healthcare professionals working among underserved populations in low-resource health clinics and refugee camps. 

In his free time he enjoys  practicing language learning, spending quality time with his family and watching and playing soccer; his two favorite teams being the Portland Timbers (USA) and 1. FC Cologne (Germany). John currently plays 3 instruments (Guitar, Bass, Drums) and he is in the process of learning to play piano.