Frank Roth



Frank brings many years of high-level strategic leadership to shape the next evolution of financial advisory independence.


Frank is a customer-driven growth leader with 20+ years of applying excellence in strategy, voice of customer, product innovation, big data, and digital transformation. He spent over a decade lending to small and mid-market companies building financial solutions for mergers & acquisitions, real estate, equipment, remodeling, and business value. 


As President of FP Capital he is focused on leveraging the resources of FP Capital’s access to equity and debt for our clients to enable leadership succession that keeps you in control of your business's long-term independence for your team and clients.

Frank and his wife Jill enjoy working on their six-acre hobby farm while playing with their horses, dogs, cats, garden, and tiny vineyard.   


Frank and Jill have two daughters and he holds a bachelor's of business administration in marketing from Texas Christian University.

Frank Roth