Jessica Mann


The word is that if Jessica requests to speak to you, you probably did something wrong. 

Jessica runs the engine room at FP Transitions, maintaining the books, records, and financial statements. She makes sure everyone gets paid, everyone pays us, tracks income, and balances it all to the penny by the end of every month. From Payroll to PayPal, and everything in between, it falls in Jessica’s domain. 

Jessica and her husband moved to Portland in 1994 just because and, have owned several successful businesses including a mortgage company, environmentally friendly dry cleaners, bookkeeping services, and a corporate gift company. With their two children now in college, they are moving out to Oregon's wine country. Jessica enjoys the overcast outdoors, reading, red wines, golden beers, straight espresso, sports, cheeseburgers, and most of all, her family. 

In her spare time, Jessica teaches tax classes in a way that only an experienced entrepreneur and budget-master can. She once laid out our company’s five year tax history using nickels, dimes and quarters to successfully illustrate and simplify tax concepts after two CPA’s and one LLM in taxation failed to do so.  

Jessica graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ecology and Evolution. Everything since then has been on-the-job training and real life experience as an entrepreneur in her own right and Super Mom all the time in between.  

Jessica Mann

Darlene Galster

Operations / Events Coordinator

Darlene hails originally from West Virginia, but has lived in Oregon so long, that she feels like a native.

She came to us in 2011 after a 17 year career in Mortgage Lending, and later, a second career in Advertising. Darlene began her journey with FP Transitions as Director of First Impressions and has watched the company double in size since she started.  She enjoys being a part of an exceptional team that genuinely cares about each other and the clients they serve.  

Like most of us, she hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up, but seems to have found her niche at FP as the Scheduling Coordinator for David Grau, Sr. and the rest of the Succession Management Program (SMP) Team.  In between, she serves as Mr. Grau’s travel coordinator for his busy speaking calendar.  All in all, it’s a great fit because ‘planning and organization’ is what she enjoys most!

Darlene and her husband Rich purchased a new house a few years ago and have been planning the landscaping for the back yard since then. It’s a great ‘do it yourself’ project that keeps evolving and has a life all its own. In spite of the stops and starts, they dream of the project completion day and hope that it occurs in their lifetime!  

Darlene is an avid reader, loves cooking, decorating, photography, great wine and travel in the Pacific Northwest. She also enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren who live in the area.

Living minutes from wine country means she and Rich are off exploring new wineries on the weekends. Perhaps, this is the cause for the delayed landscaping completion!

Contact Darlene:
800.934.3303 x 2022  |  Email   

Darlene Galster

Julie Lawson

Office Coordinator/Scheduling Coordinator

As a self-diagnosed book addict, Julie reads stories as voraciously as she strives to write them.

True to her bookworm tendencies, Julie uprooted herself from her home in Kansas City, Kansas to move to Rexburg, Idaho, a small town known for its blizzard-like conditions in the fall and winter, so she could pursue a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing at Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho).

Outside of her studies, she was a member of BYU-Idaho’s Writers Workshop and co-managed the workshop for two consecutive semesters.  After graduating BYU-Idaho, she moved to Oregon and was hired as a writer for IBM’s loan servicing company, Seterus.  She wrote letters to borrowers and attorneys about the loans serviced by Seterus; a role that required a heavy amount of research, attention to detail, and extensive planning to meet government mandated deadlines – skills she puts to good use at FP Transitions.

As both the Director of First Impressions and Scheduling Coordinator, she maintains order in the office and on our calendars by scheduling clients with our Enterprise Consulting team. Julie ensures our clients receive the help they need in a timely manner. In between her regular duties, she supports content creation for newsletters, marketing campaigns and the website.

Forever honing her writing and editing capabilities, she is a current graduate student at Portland State University in the Book Publishing Master’s program.

Julie Lawson