Jessica Mann


The word is that if Jessica requests to speak to you, you probably did something wrong. 

Jessica runs the engine room at FP Transitions, maintaining the books, records, and financial statements. She makes sure everyone gets paid, everyone pays us, tracks income, and balances it all to the penny by the end of every month. From Payroll to PayPal, and everything in between, it falls in Jessica’s domain. 

Jessica and her husband moved to Portland in 1994 just because and, have owned several successful businesses including a mortgage company, environmentally friendly dry cleaners, bookkeeping services, and a corporate gift company. With their two children now in college, they are moving out to Oregon's wine country. Jessica enjoys the overcast outdoors, reading, red wines, golden beers, straight espresso, sports, cheeseburgers, and most of all, her family. 

In her spare time, Jessica teaches tax classes in a way that only an experienced entrepreneur and budget-master can. She once laid out our company’s five year tax history using nickels, dimes and quarters to successfully illustrate and simplify tax concepts after two CPA’s and one LLM in taxation failed to do so.  

Jessica graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ecology and Evolution. Everything since then has been on-the-job training and real life experience as an entrepreneur in her own right and Super Mom all the time in between.  

Jessica Mann