Arturo Basurto


Valuations Coordinator


Arturo, our esteemed Valuations Coordinator, brings a unique blend of determination, passion, and a diverse skill set to the team.


Originally hailing from the Bay Area in California, Arturo's journey led him to the picturesque landscapes of Oregon, a move motivated by a desire for personal growth and a deep appreciation for the state's natural beauty. His time at Humboldt State University, where he studied Kinesiology for six years, cemented his love for the outdoors.


Before joining FP Transitions, Arturo's professional journey was marked by diversity. From Office Manager and Personal Trainer to Student Advisor and Bar Tender, he embraced every opportunity with enthusiasm. His experiences in roles such as Catering Lead, Window Salesperson, and Rug Repairman have equipped him with a versatile skill set that uniquely positions him for success in the fast-paced Valuations Department.


Arturo's decision to join FP Transitions was driven by his belief in the paramount importance of a supportive work environment. His transition from personal trainer to project manager found the perfect launchpad at FP Transitions.


In his role as Valuations Coordinator, Arturo looks forward to collaborating with a dynamic and talented team. Recognizing the critical role of support in this industry, he's eager to learn from the wealth of expertise that surrounds him. With Arturo's work-hard-play-hard mentality, our company gains not just an accomplished professional, but a passionate team player.


In his free time, Arturo is a dedicated disc golfer, perfecting his game on the course and capturing exciting moments for his sponsors. His love for exploration extends to culinary adventures, as he seeks out hidden gems to satisfy his palate and enjoys a well-crafted drink.


Arturo is no stranger to achievement. He proudly stands as the first member of his family to attain both undergraduate and graduate degrees. His prowess on the disc golf scene has earned him recognition in his community, landing him sponsorships from RPM Discs and ownership of the thriving All Day Disc Golf store. Professionally, Arturo has consistently made a positive impact in every role he's undertaken, driven by his philosophy of growth through discomfort. Arturo's competitive spirit extends beyond sports to board games and more. He's a conversation enthusiast, always open to engaging with anyone. 


Arturo Basurto is a testament to the power of determination and the value of embracing new challenges. His presence at FPT promises to be a dynamic force in our continued pursuit of excellence.