Alex Moan

Video Marketing Specialist


Winner of the FP Transitions Award for Best Mustache.
Alex joined FP Transitions in 2014 to support the marketing team’s goal of putting personality into financial analysis and succession planning. When your business’s backbone is crunching data, adding some life is no simple task! Alex prepared for the job by completing a degree in design management and further honed his skills by developing brand strategies for alternative businesses in the Portland area. Alex brings a creative edge to FP Transitions’ new video production efforts.
Before photography and filmmaking, Alex's past professional endeavors began to be derailed when he was suffocated by a boa constrictor on the job. He survived and prefers Canon cameras for the sensor's tonal qualities and workflow.
Unpredictable and untamable, some of his most entertaining material may be cut from the final product, but rest assured we keep the outtakes safe in the FP Transitions vault.


Contact Alex:
800.934.3303  |  Email