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Synthetic Equity : A Powerful New Approach to Compensation
aired April 28, 2020
David Grau Sr., JD, President / Founder
Eric Leeper, CFA, VP Research & Analysis / Partner
Stuart Smith, JD, Senior Consultant

Discover how the use of synthetic equity can be a powerful compensation strategy for retaining top talent, especially in today's economic environment. 

Synthetic equity can enhance your ability to recruit, reward, and retain talented advisors and support staff, and offers key economic benefits of ownership, without actual stock changing hands. It is an innovative set of tools that should be considered by every independent financial professional–especially in challenging times. 

During this presentation you will discover:

  • Why synthetic equity is so important now.
  • How synthetic equity differs from the purchase of real equity.
  • How it works and what steps you can take to (re)design your compensation to support a growing, valuable business.
  • Why this compensation tool is often preferred by key staff members.

We’ll also highlight specific examples of synthetic equity strategies that you can use in your own practice, as well as an open Q&A with a panel of FP Transitions experts in enterprise growth, compensation, and internal succession.

Not every key employee should be, or wants to be, an equity partner; buying actual equity requires time, risk, and debt. Built on recognizing performance and tenure, synthetic equity helps employees "think like owners" in the long term while preserving practice cash flow in the near term. Learn how the use of synthetic equity can improve your growth, compensation, and ownership strategies and help you build a stronger, more sustainable business.