The Sell and Stay® Approach:
A Versatile Transition Strategy

The Sell and Stay® approach melds the best attributes of a succession plan, a merger, a liquidity event, and ongoing employment income, with a competitive third-party sale and value. In this regard, it has no equal.

FP Transitions created this unique approach, figuring out everything from the cash flow models to tax structures to legal documents. It hasn’t been an easy or clear path. Recently the process has been bolstered by larger, stronger, more flexible buyers reacting to the increased demand for selling advisors who are willing and capable of working for a few more years.

This approach is ideal for owners who are looking to retire in the next five years but do not have an internal successor or succession team in place ready to take over the practice within that time frame. The Sell and Stay® approach allows a business owner to hand over the reins to a suitable third-party buyer, but to elongate their retirement horizon through a continued engagement with the acquiring firm.

The Sell and Stay® model is a more sophisticated transaction structure; it is not as easy as selling and walking away. But the challenges, once overcome, inevitably lead to the most lucrative selling opportunity with unique benefits for seller, buyer, and clients.

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