Sell and Stay® : A unique path for unique goals

Thinking Outside the Box

A Sell and Stay® is an alternative path for an advisor who has unique goals and a desire for a career exit that doesn’t fit in any of the more common “exit plan” boxes. Falling somewhere between traditional merger and outright sale, the Sell and Stay® path allows for more flexibility in your exit to accommodate your unique plans for the future.

This path facilitates a variety of alternative exit goals including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Transitioning to an “encore career”
  • Focusing on professional tasks that bring joy
  • Gradual, on-the-job retirement for a business without an internal successor
  • Continued employment and income that accommodates chronic illness (for advisor or loved one)

In this resource, “Sell and Stay®: A Unique Path for Unique Goals,” we discuss the mechanics, buyer and seller benefits, and important considerations of the Sell and Stay® strategy. We explore some “out of the box” exit situations and how this unique path supports your individualized vision.

Sell and Stay® can be a good solution for the unique future you envision for yourself and your business. 

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