Roundtable talks - determining value: complexities and purpose - an ems exclusive

Determining Value: Complexities and Purpose
A Roundtable Talk

When determining the value of your business, purpose informs everything: methodology, factors of value, intended audience, and the complexity of the final report. 

A valuation performed for the purpose of selling will look different from one used for a divorce dispute or for adding additional ownership to your business. Each situation has unique factors that impact value. Value determined for one purpose cannot be seamlessly applied to a different situation.

Likewise, the complexity of a valuation report depends on the purpose and business details applicable to the situation. And these factors can result in anything from a 30-page report, to a 120-page report, or even more.

Fill out the form to watch this EMS Exclusive Roundtable Talk where our valuation experts, Ryan Grau CVA, CBA, and Warren Burkholder ASA, MCBA, CBI, discuss the importance of purpose, audience, and business complexity for opining accurate value of a financial services business.