Roundtable talks - The Benefits of proper entity structure - ems exclusive

The Benefits of Proper Entity Structure

Entity structure is an important element for supporting the growth of your business and achieving the future you have in mind. Choosing the right one for your unique business goals is essential for success.

In this exclusive Roundtable Talk with FPT Experts Ericka Langone, J.D. (Asst. General Counsel) and Eric Fettig (Senior SMP Analyst), we dive into the benefits of proper entity, including liability protections, governance for business leadership and operations, structure and value for future ownership, and tax treatments that make sense for your specific enterprise.

In addition to benefits, Ericka and Eric discuss differences between entity types (corporations vs. LLC partnerships) and how to determine which is right for your business. They provide insight into entity structure as a tool for successful internal succession as well as acquisition. Ericka also sheds some light on recent tax law changes and how that could affect your entity elections.

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