Roundtable talk - The Synergy of MULTIgenerational ownership

The Synergy of
Multigenerational Ownership
[Roundtable Talk]

Harnessing the Ownership TEAM

In this Roundtable Talk, FP Transitions Founder and President, David Grau Sr., JD, and Elite Client Consultant, Kem Taylor, CBEC®, explore internal succession and describe how both the succession process and business growth can benefit from multigenerational experiences and knowledge from all owners.

They also discuss other factors that benefit the succession planning process, including:

  • Acknowledging the "time" factor – having enough time to plan for, implement, and make adjustments to a gradual, internal transition of ownership
  • Helping next generation advisors understand the benefits and responsibilities of ownership 
  • Recognizing that each succession path is different 
  • Exploring "where you are," and "where you're going," before jumping into the process

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