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Trends in Transactions and Valuation Study - Now Available

Our new Trends in Transactions and Valuation Study includes expert insight, commentary, and predictions for the state of the financial services industry. It dives into last year’s M&A numbers and examines how industry businesses and their values have evolved over the last five years. 

Targeted Growth Solutions eBook Targeted Growth Solutions

The key to harnessing ownership opportunities  is to identify impediments before they arise and develop strategies for tackling the issues that present the greatest opportunities for improvement and growth. Discover actionable guidance for seizing ownership opportunities and facing challenges head on.

Business GrowthCompensation | Internal Succession  

Transforming Your Practice Into a Business White Paper Transforming Your Practice  

Building your business the right way is an important element to ensuring sustainability. Unfortunately, there are key elements many business owners forget to take into consideration – including compensation structure, equity pathways, cash flow, and entity set-up.

Business Growth  |   Entity & Business Structure  

Destabilizing Value Through Revenue Sharing Destabilizing Value Through Revenue Sharing

A large percentage of advisory practices have built in “fracture lines” by using a revenue-sharing arrangement to compensate multiple professionals in one office. In the independent sector your focus should be on creating a team of advisors that work together—compensated for contributing to and supporting a single enterprise.

Entity & Business Structure  |   Compensation

Cultural Fit & the Ownership Mentality WATCH NOWCultural Fit and the Ownership Mentality : G2 Perspectives

Balancing growth and profitability comes down to compensation structure and the equity pathways created. The profits generated through properly structured equity pathways are a catalyst for growth and the means to accomplish long-term strategic objectives.

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Merger White PaperMergers: A Focus on the M in M&A

Mergers create an opportunity for two or more practices to come together, combining staff, strengths, and cash flows, expanding virtually overnight into a larger, stronger business. In this white paper you will discover how different mergers can work for you plus a comprehensive strategy for executing a successful merger.

Business Growth  |   Acquisition  |   Next Generation

SellStay BLOG featured image Sell and Stay™:
A Unique Path for Unique Goals

A Sell and Stay™ is an alternative path for an advisor who has unique goals and a desire for a career exit that doesn’t fit in any of the more common “exit plan” boxes. Falling somewhere between traditional merger and outright sale, the Sell and Stay™ path allows for more flexibility in your exit to accommodate your unique plans for the future.

External Sale   |   Deal Structure & Documentation

EC Overview Issues Advisors Face

Independent financial advisors face an almost overwhelming set of challenges, but with challenges come opportunities. These opportunities and challenges are often interconnected and fall into areas of mergers & acquisitions, growth & profitability, talent retention, and succession planning.

Internal Succession   |   Next Gen Talent    |   Growth

A Seller's Checklist A Plan for Sellers Checklist

The decision to sell your business doesn’t just jump into your head one day. It takes months, perhaps years of consideration. Just as making the decision takes time, so does the process and the preparation. This checklist is designed to help guide you through your options and to understand the realities of the journey.

External Sale  |   Deal Structure & Documentation