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Transforming Your Practice Into a Business White Paper Transforming Your Practice  

Building your business the right way is an important element to ensuring sustainability. Unfortunately, there are key elements many business owners forget to take into consideration – including compensation structure, equity pathways, cash flow, and entity set-up.

Business Growth  |   Entity & Business Structure  

Structuring the Deal White Paper Structuring the Deal

One of the most common mistakes that financial advisors make in the merger and acquisitions (M&A) space is to treat every sale or acquisition target the same way. In this white paper we discuss the importance of applying the appropriate approach, documentation, and deal terms to each unique transition. 

Acquisition  |   External Sale |   Deal Structure

Organizational Structure Organizational Structure

As businesses evolve they tend to move into a structure in which value is attached to individual client books rather than to the enterprise as a whole. The key to avoiding this, is to set up an organizational structure that is a true business unit instead of just an accounting conduit. This webcast explains how improper structure can be dangerous for the ongoing growth and value.

Entity & Business Structure  |   Compensation

Merger White Paper Mergers: A Focus on the M in M&A

Mergers create an opportunity for two or more practices to come together, combining staff, strengths, and cash flows, expanding virtually overnight into a larger, stronger business. In this white paper you will discover how different mergers can work for you plus a comprehensive strategy for executing a successful merger.

Business Growth  |   Acquisition  |   Next Generation

Morrone Success Story - Succession and the Family Business Succession & the Family Business Choosing a successor who is a part of your family doesn’t mean the process becomes 10 times easier. It requires the same careful planning to ensure ownership ends up in the right hands. Tom and Paul Morrone have always been a close father / son unit, but Tom still insisted that Paul earn his ownership.

What is a Lifestyle Succession Plan? What is a Lifestyle Succession Plan?

Many advisors begin the planning process too late, and their practice begins to lose value drastically as they begin to slow down. In this FP Webcast, President and Founder David Grau Sr., JD addresses how to execute a proper succession plan, from thinking realistically about your time to harnessing second-generation.

Internal Succession   |   Exit Planning

Lifestyle Succession Plan White Paper The Lifestyle Succession Plan

A "Lifestyle Succession Plan" is an internal transition that reflects the way most advisors work, live, and eventually retire. The idea is to set up a gradual transition from one generation of owners to the next. This plan reflects the values and needs of the founders while building an enduring business.

Internal Succession |   Business Growth

A Seller's Checklist A Plan for Sellers Checklist

The decision to sell your business doesn’t just jump into your head one day. It takes months, perhaps years of consideration. Just as making the decision takes time, so does the process and the preparation. This checklist is designed to help guide you through your options and to understand the realities of the journey.

External Sale  |   Deal Structure & Documentation