Industry Headwinds & M&A Data Release Industry Headwinds + M&A Data Release

In this webcast President and Founder David Grau Sr., JD and VP Eric Leeper, CFA explore some recent industry issues. They cover current M&A database findings, the concept of attrition and what it means for your business' long term value, and how working towards a concrete plan will help you fare the headwinds–or avoid them all together.

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Buying, Selling, and Valuing Financial Practices - M&A Guide Buying, Selling, & Valuing Financial Practices - M&A Guide

Our latest book, Buying, Selling, & Valuing Financial Practices, shows you how to complete a sale or acquisition while achieving  the best possible terms for both buyer and seller. From valuations to mergers to bank financing, this book provides the perspective and skills you need to work through your deal professionally and efficiently.

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A Plan for Sellers Checklist A Plan for Sellers Checklist

The decision to sell your business doesn’t just jump into your head one day. It takes months, perhaps years of consideration. Just as making the decision takes time, so does the actual process–and the preparation for it. This extensive checklist is designed to help guide you through your options, get your ducks in a row, and understand the realities of this detailed, and often emotional, journey.

External Sale  |   Deal Structure & Documentation

A Plan for Sellers A Plan for Sellers Workbook

This workbook encourages you to look at your business from many angles while being completely honest with yourself about the priorities and goals you have for the deal, the future of the business, and your own life once the sale is complete. As a companion to the Plan for Sellers Checklist, the workbook considers the intangibles and your personal expectations as you look ahead to what comes next.

External Sale  

A Non Advocacy Approach to M&A Transactions A Non-Advocacy Approach to M&A Transactions

CEO Brad Bueermann explains how non-advocacy support for the transitions of financial practices is to the benefit of all parties. Buyer and seller with a close working relationship as they transition–for the welfare of the clients and for the transference of value of the practice.

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Acquisition Wrap UP Acquisition Wrap Up - CASE STUDY

When an advisor sells their business they have to find the right fit; the right person to take over their business and their client relationships. This case study details the seller's journey and the sometimes surprising steps of the process that have the most impact on their decision: first-impressions, communication, and third-party pressures.

External Sale  |   Acquisition

Structuring the Deal Structuring the Deal

One of the most common mistakes that financial advisors make in the merger and acquisitions (M&A) space is to treat every sale or acquisition target the same way. In this white paper we discuss the importance of applying the appropriate approach, documentation, and deal terms to each unique transition. 

Deal Structure  |   External Sale  |  Acquisition

Dangers of Napkin Negotiations The Dangers of Napkin Negotiations

In this industry, professional networking and client prospecting depend on your charisma and ability to connect beyond surface pleasantries. But when it comes to selling your business, it’s important maintain confidentiality, and avoid casual negotiations without proper documentation to avoid loss of value.

Deal Structure & Documentation   |   External Sale  |   Acquisition

Selling Your Practice One Chance to Do it Right - Case Study

The decision to sell a business is a difficult one for any advisor to make. After a lifetime of work to build your practice, and after years of earning your clients' trust, how do you turn the job over to someone else? This case study provides unique insights into the process and illustrates the opportunities–and the mistakes–that many sellers make.

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Gaining Peace of Mind : Tips for Selling Gaining Peace of Mind : Tips for Selling Your Practice

Advice from our Transactions Director for selling your practice: when to sell and how to sell if you want to receive full value for your business while choosing the best fit for your clients.

External Sale 

Thriving From the Other Side of Selling - Guest Post

Laurie Nichols RLP, CPC & ELI—MP of Laurie Nichols Coaching shares transition experience including the unexpected personal anxieties that come with selling the business she'd spent 20 years building and leading. In this post, Laurie uncovers the secret to facing cold feet, and moving on – happily – from a career in financial services to her next adventure

External Sale 

Which Exit Path is Right for You? Which Exit Path is Right for You?

There are many exit options and a variety of ways to execute them. Your unique situation and goals will determine which one is right for you. This post describes exit options, the situations each is most suited for, and how to plan properly for your chosen strategy to maximize value when you are ready to exit.

External Sale   |   Internal Succession


Merger White Paper Mergers: A Focus on the "M" in "M&A"

Mergers create an opportunity for two or more practices to come together, combining staff, strengths, and cash flows, expanding virtually overnight into a larger, stronger business. In this white paper you will discover how different mergers can work for you plus a comprehensive strategy for executing a successful merger.

Business Growth  |   Acquisition  |   Next Generation

Open Market Redemption - Case Study Open Market Redemption- CASE STUDY

When it comes to finding the right buyer, the prospective buyer pool need not be large if it is filled with candidates that fit your criteria and are willing to meet your terms. This case study follows the story of one seller who was left at the proverbial altar by a qualified buyer, then found a better match–and an above market offer–using the FP Transitions open market system.

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Four Steps to a Successful Transition

There is much to consider when selling your business, but a transaction happens in four general stages. A successful transition doesn't skip steps or cut corners.

External Sale 

Using Bank Financing To Expand Your Options

Whether you're considering selling your business externally to the best qualified buyer, or internally to a team of proven successors, bank financing solutions can provide powerful tools to reshape or accelerate your plans.

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Bates1 Thumbnail landing page.png Roundtable Talk - Compliance & Acquisition
with guest David Birnbaum, JD of Bates Group

Monitoring compliance and keeping up with regulations is important for the operation of any financial services business. In this first of our special series with Bates Group, Join Marcus Hagood and special guest David Birnbaum, JD to discuss how compliance impacts an acquisition and the impact of current events on compliance and the industry.

Tax & Regulatory Issues   |   Acquisition External Sale

Due Diligence Checklist

When selling a financial services practice, you are responsible for performing your own due diligence on your buyer and their practice. This checklist covers some of the more common (and most overlooked) steps other buyers and sellers have taken.

External Sale  |   Acquisition  |   Deal Structure & Documentation

Tax Treatment of An Asset Sale Tax Treatment of an Asset Sale

Choosing between asset or stock sale usually comes down to whether the transaction is external or internal. An asset sale is appropriate for an external transition. Each asset is treated differently when it comes to taxation, so knowing what to expect from your sale will save you from any surprises as the deal progresses.

External Sale   |   Tax & Regulatory Issues

Deal Structuring for Third Party Transactions
EMS Exclusive Resource

This high-level overview focuses on the nuances of a third-party, asset sale and the details specific to these types of transactions, including negotiations, common terms, and mistakes to avoid during the deal making process.

External Sale   |   Acquisition  |   Deal Structure & Documentation

Course Corrections for Your Succession Plan Course Corrections for Your Succession Plan

Building a sustainable business and incorporating new talent into your ownership structure is a process that takes planning and monitoring. With so many moving parts including multiple parties and expectations, the process is bound to see some bumps. A course correction can come in the form of accelerating your plan, incorporating more owners, or, in some cases, falling back to Plan B. This post focuses on how to prepare for these situations and how to change course quickly, if needed, to preserve realized business value.

Internal Succession   |  External Sale   |   Next Gen

Bates4.png Compliance Audits & Practice Value
with guest David Birnbaum, JD of Bates Group

Join Marcus and special guest David Birnbaum, JD, of Bates Group as they discuss the impact of compliance on business value, as well as the importance of internal compliance audits to stay ahead of any regulatory issues and correction periods that come with them.

Tax & Regulatory Issues   |   Valuation & Benchmarking  |  Acquisition 

The Perfect Fit

For sellers, when it comes to finding a buyer, "the perfect fit" has to do with much more than just meeting the price tag placed on a business. In truth, most buyers are willing to meet the asking price, and 98% of sales facilitated by FP Transitions close at or above the listed price. So, with an average of 50 inquiries per listing, sellers are able to look at other important factors.

External Sale  |   Acquisition

Guide to Selling Your Practice

A brief overview of how FP Transitions can help you find your ideal buyer and help both parties execute a successful transaction.

External Sale 

Transactions Support Overview

Sometimes you don't need the open market to find your perfect buyer, but you do need guidance in crafting and executing a smooth sale. Our Comprehensive Transactions Support program applied our non-advocacy approach to your deal, offering expert advice, tools, and industry-specific documentation.

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