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Meet the team at FP Transitions–people passionate about your growth. We care about what we do, and we care about our clients. All of us feel lucky to work for a company like FP, but more importantly we feel lucky to be a part of the success of your businesses. Let us tell you how much we enjoy working with all of you.

About FP Transitions

A Non Advocacy Approach to M&A Transactions A Non-Advocacy Approach to M&A Transactions

CEO Brad Bueermann explains how non-advocacy support for the transitions of financial practices is to the benefit of all parties. Buyer and seller with a close working relationship as they transition–for the welfare of the clients and for the transference of value of the practice.

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Why Succession? Why Succession?
Inevitability. Responsibility. Commitment.

You owe it to your clients to build something that will last through the time of their needs, not just the span of your career. This video shows you why you should create a strategy that will support a multi-generational business. It's the middle ground between selling your business, or letting it die.

Internal Succession 

Comprehensive Services Overview

A comprehensive overview of our services. Including the Equity Management System (EMS), Succession Planning Program, our Open Market Listings, and M&A Consulting

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Continuity Partner Matching Overview

The most common roadblock to getting a continuity plan in place is finding the right partner. Searching for the right continuity partner within your immediate networks can force you into a partnership that isn’t the best match for you clients, or worse, can result in no partnership at all. Find out how you can leverage FP Transitions’ extensive network of advisors to help connect you to the right partner.

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Succession Management Program Overview

An overview of our Succession Management Program including: documentation and tools, our tranched approach to gradual ownership transfer, and the multi-generational ownership structure.

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Happy Holidays from FP Transitions Holiday Messages

We have no problem getting into the holiday spirit around here. Here are some past endeavors to spread that cheer to our colleagues, clients, and friends.

2016 - Happy Holidays from FP
2015 - The Making of a Holiday Portrait
2014 - Santa's Succession Plan

About FP Transitions

Continuity Planning Overview

A written, executable continuity plan is an important piece of protecting the value of your business, your estate, and your clients. This overview describes the FP Transitions continuity planning services and documentation. Continuity planning is included with your Equity Management System (EMS) membership.

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Valuation Overview

An overview of what you can expect from our Comprehensive Valuation, and why it’s the most accurate in the the industry. An annual Comprehensive Valuation is included with your Equity Management System (EMS) membership.

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EquityBuilder Benchmarking Report Overview

An overview of what information is covered in our EquityBuilder Benchmarking Report and why it’s key to building your business. An annual EquityBuilder Benchmarking Report is included in your Equity Management System (EMS) membership.

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