organizational structure [WEBCAST]

The Proper Foundation for Growth

As businesses evolve from single advisor, single book to a more established entity they tend to move into a structure that leads to value that is attached to individual client books within a business rather than to the business itself.

The key to avoiding this is to set up an organizational structure that is an actual business unit instead of just an accounting conduit.

In this webcast, Business Operations Manager Christine Sjölin explores different ensembles, and how an improper organizational structure can be dangerous for the ongoing growth and value of your business.

Christine will:

  • Explain the differences between Sole Proprietor, Teamed Silo, and Equity-Centric Ensembles
  • Show you exactly what these different structures look like
  • Share how the proper structure promotes longevity and sustainability of your firm, putting value in your firm as a whole.

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