case study : open market redemption

Open Market Redemption:
An M&A Case Study

When it comes to finding the right buyer, the prospective buyer pool need not be large if it is filled with candidates that fit your criteria and are willing to meet your terms.

This case study follows the story of one seller who was left at the proverbial altar by a qualified buyer, then found a better match–and an above market offer–using the FP Transitions open market system. 

After being burned by an independently found buyer, this seller turned to the FP open market, determined not to be taken advantage of again.

In an effort to only attract serious buyers the seller insisted on a higher than market price. The seller was confident in the strength and value of his business, and after only a few term adjustments per advice from his FP Transitions consultant, he listed his practice into the open market.

As predicted, the higher asking price yielded fewer inquiries than are typically received on the open market for a desirable practice like this. Though the inquiries were relatively low, two qualified–and serious–candidates emerged. One proved to be more prepared and competitive than the other and won the deal.

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