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Asking Your Boss for Ownership

Asking for Ownership

Broaching the subject of ownership can be intimidating. It requires confidence and preparation. A young advisor should approach the conversation with a clear message of how their achievements and goals are aligned with the business. This blog offers practical advice on how to ask for ownership and how to prepare for the answer.

WEBCAST - Advanced Considerations in Succession and Equity

Advanced Strategies for Growth
& Profitability

Balancing growth and profitability comes down to compensation structure and the equity pathways created for owners of the business. The profits generated through properly structured equity pathways are a catalyst for growth and the means to accomplish long-term strategic objectives including recruiting new talent, internal succession, and acquisition.

Preparing for the Next Tranche

Preparing for the Next Tranche

Once you've executed your internal succession plan, how do you know when it's time to dive into the next tranche of the transition? It's vital that the G1s, the G2s, and the business itself be in alignment and ready before proceeding. In this blog you'll find key factors to consider and how to identify signs of success.


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Expanding Your Definition of Ownership

Expand Your Definition of Ownership 

by Christine Sjölin, VP Strategic Development & Operations / Partner, FP Transitions

October 2018

Advice for Next Generation Advisers by Eric Leeper, CFA

Advice for Next Generation Advisers Looking for Ownership 

by Eric Leeper, CFA, VP Research & Analytics / Partner, FP Transitions

April 2017

NexGen Acquisition Success by Christine Sjolin

NexGen Acquisition Success
Partnership, Patience, & Teamwork

by Christine Sjölin, VP Strategic Development & Operations / Partner, FP Transitions

September 2017