Strategic Thinking: before entering any business transaction, how do you know you're worth what you're worth?

Whether you’re planning for a sale or looking to acquire, you recognize the importance of knowing exactly what your business is worth. Understanding your value will inform your decisions and expand the scope of your success. More importantly, it will increase your leverage to bargain for what you want.

You are looking for most efficient path to determine your value. For many financial advisors, this is where multiples come in. Multiples are dynamic in nature and may come from an actual data set. They reflect an average price.

As you consider multiples, you also realize the complexity of the situation. Since each transaction has its own unique considerations and terms, how can we determine business value? Our valuation experts dissect this question, explain what multiples represent, and describe their appropriate use.

To learn more, watch our experts discuss these topics in this video discussion. We'll explore the following:

  • How does purpose inform the valuation process?
  • What factors should be considered in regards to your transaction?
  • When is it appropriate to use multiples?

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