Mergers: prepping beyond the numbers - roundtable Talk

Beyond Combining Expenses and Revenue

Preparing to merge two (or more) businesses into one requires careful assessment of the starting entities to determine how well they will meld together, how they will function operationally, and how ownership interests will be applied and weighted. Even if the intention is to take a number of value and evenly split the ownership stake 2, 4, or 8 ways, there are factors that should be considered when doling out the pieces of pie.

In this Roundtable Talk, experts Rod Boutin, JD (General Counsel) and Ericka Langone, JD (Assistant General Counsel) explore preparation beyond determining value. They highlight the importance of reconciling the expectations and goals of all parties, the considerations that may warrant an assigned premium share value, and the benefits of a holistic approach to the entire merger process.

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