Synergy: a creative pathway for long-term growth.

Mergers create an opportunity for two or more practices to come together as one, combining strengths, assets, cash flows, markets, even staff and talent, expanding virtually overnight into a larger, stronger, more sustainable business. Properly executed, the result of a merger provides advisors with an array of planning and growth options that are simply unrivaled in the field.

The “M” in the “M&A” process is about creating a foundation for long-term success and stability. Unlike a sale or an acquisition where one of the owners is “cashed out” and removed from the equation, a merger is about building for the future and developing synergies between the owners and their support teams.  

The merger process, as explained in this white paper, focuses on advisors who want to strengthen their operations and improve their options for the future—including continuity and succession planning. In this white paper you will discover:

  • How mergers generally work, and which might work for you.
  • The documentation process and what is involved.
  • Specific case studies highlighting different merger strategies.
  • A comprehensive strategy for designing and executing a successful merger.

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Also, view our supplemental document, "Statutory Mergers, Combinations, and Reorganizations," to learn more about these types of business reorganizations, including detailed explanation and stock/asset ownership illustrations.