Whether the market has impacted your business or you are still running smoothly, the changes in the M&A market have left open an array of exit options and creative strategies to explore.

Acquisition Case Studies
Brad Bueermann, CEO
James Fisher, JD, M&A Director

The success and prosperity of financial advisory businesses over the past two decades have created and sustained a high M&A demand. And the creation of business resources and pressure-tested strategies focused within the industry have made defining your exit path more accessible.

During this presentation we share some details from real-life transactions we've recently facilitated, including:

  • A traditional external exit for an RR/IAR
  • A traditional external exit for an RIA
  • A Sell and Stay® exit for an RR/IAR
  • A Sell and Stay® exit for an RIA

We also explore specific aspects that are common to all external exits as well as those that are unique to these situations and why.

Realizing your ideal exit is all about planning and how you structure the deal. Our current landscape provides unprecedented challenges–and opportunities. View the presentation to find out why now may be a lucrative time to sell your business and exit your career.

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