Lifestyle Succession Plan

Lifestyle Succession Plan
[White Paper]

A "Lifestyle Succession Plan" refers to a specific type of internal transition that reflects the way most advisors work, live, and eventually retire. The idea is to set up a gradual transition from one generation of owners to the next. This unique plan reflects the values and needs of the founders while building an enduring business – perhaps even a legacy.

This highly acclaimed white paper explores how to successfully create and launch an internal transition plan through the monitoring of business value, building a foundation capable of supporting continued growth, and implementing the proper entity and compensation structures to perpetuate your plan.

Download your copy of this free white paper to learn:

  • How to create a multi-generation, multiple-tranche internal ownership structure
  • A new way to think about ownership level compensation
  • Common concerns and alleviations advisors face during the process
  • And much more from the experts at FP Transitions

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