Roundtable talks - 3 REal LIfe Merger Examples

Every Merger Is Unique

Every merger situation is unique and complex in its own way. The goals and reasons vary. The number of owners fluctuate and office locations differ. (Re)structuring elements required for each business to be able to combine range from simple to difficult, but rarely impossible. 

In this exclusive Roundtable Talk, featuring two of our transactions experts, General Counsel, Rod Boutin, J.D. and Assistant General Counsel, Ericka Langone, J.D., we illustrate the uniqueness of each merger transaction using three real life examples from the FP Transitions portfolio. The examples range from a complex 3-way, multi-owner consolidation, to a more common combining of efficiencies and resources, to a planned merger as continuity for two small businesses.

Though each merger may differ in significant ways, these examples also illustrate that that there are common benefits and key practices for a smooth transaction. Through communication, planning, and patience you can ensure a successful merger which enjoys the benefits of combining two (or more) enterprises into a single, stronger entity. Benefits like: 

  • Diversified interests and strengths
  • Shared efficiencies, including office space and resources
  • Reduced overhead expenses
  • Succession and continuity of the business
  • Equity opportunities for younger owners 

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