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Growth and Change Go Hand in Hand

(Re)structuring ownership–especially through mergers or internal transitions–often brings up many questions from current and future owners in a business. In this exclusive Roundtable Talk with FPT transactions experts, Rod Boutin, J.D. (General Counsel) and Ericka Langone, J.D. (Asst. General Counsel), they discuss common areas of concern, including:

  • Minority ownerships
  • Decision making / voting rights
  • Owner exits (planned and unplanned)
  • Buying back shares awarded to non-owners during legal disputes (such as divorce or bankruptcy)
  • Unique value for each situation

These are only a few facets of governance that business leaders must consider when altering the ownership team. This unscripted discussion highlights the need for experienced consultants in your corner when executing these plans for growth and sustainability.

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